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At Greenstant Energy, we don’t only guarantee uninterrupted power, but also a great return on your investment. By going green, you can reduce your energy bills and save money – A TRUE GAME CHANGER.

Suits Every Environment

One of our missions is to build and sustain a green environment. Our solar system displaces nearly 98% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Never Run Out Of Power

Our Solar Solution Provides Constant power for your homes, business and offices at low cost. We guarantee power and stability.

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Reduced Power Bills

Our solar power installation guarantees above 70% reduced electricity bills. once installed no more hassle of exorbitant power bills.

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Professionally Installed

Our solar systems technology are sourced from our technical partners in Germany. These products are built to last and survive harsh weather conditions.

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Why Solar, Why Greenstant ?

Currently 95 million Nigerian (55%) do not have access to electricity with those that are not connected to the grid relying on kerosene stoves etc.While those that are connected to the grid suffer from extensive power outages. Although Nigeria has 12.5GW of installed generation capacity, only 3500 – 5000 MW is typically available. The annual consumption of electricity per capita is among the lowest in Africa, estimated at less than 150 KWh. The lack of a reliable and affordable supply of electricity impacts every facet of life in Nigeria. Businesses routinely cite the cost of power, as the principal drain of profitability and competitiveness. Schools and clinics often go without electricity or rely on costly diesel generators that aren’t eco-friendly. More than a decade ago, the Government of Nigeria Embarked on three-phased structural reform that ultimately culminated in the privatization of the country’s main generation and distribution assets. The Government of Nigeria is focused on sustaining a stable investment climate for private sector participating in the sector, expanding transmission and distribution networks to deliver power to customers, maintaining the bulk electricity trader as a creditworthy off-taker of electricity, establishing cost reflective tariffs, and reducing inefficiency in support of affordable end user tariffs. Solar Energy has recently gained the desired credibility and popularity necessary for generating electricity. This is due adequate know-how in the design of systems and the reduction of the high initial cost outlay. With the massive technological advances in the world’s solar energy market coupled with the skyrocketing costs in conventional energy due to the plunge in global fossil fuel prices, there is a desperate need to provide a sustainable, clean and environmentally friendly source of electricity in the quest for global energy security. Greenstant Energy and our technological partners understand the unique energy challenges in Nigeria and we have come up with strategies to deliver high standard renewable energy solutions. Greenstant Energy also understands the unique needs of sub-Saharan energy market and uses innovative approaches and proven technologies proven to meet these needs.

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